Data Driven Juror Selection

One of a Kind Real-Time Software That Enables You To Identify The “Right” Jurors.

Critical analytics on all the individuals in the juror pool and decisioning on which ones to not select.

Only One of Its Kind

The EDGE SUITE is unique in the worldwide marketplace.

Thousands of Databases

Collects data from thousands of public and commercial databases on jurors.

Define and Select Jurors

Define your best and worst juror profiles for scoring potential jurors.

Performs in seconds

Visually define juror data points in seconds, saving your team hours.

Define & Select

Define Your Ideal Juror Profile

Enables the legal team to access actionable Big Data on your juror to match your ideal juror profile for your winning EDGE in voir dire.


Decision Based on Thousands of Data Points

Big Data-driven analytics and deep information on each juror.


Jury Management. Like Never Before.

Tailored comparative analytics to case specific Ideal Juror Profile (IJP) and Worst Juror Profile (WJP).

Data Driven

Data Enhanced Decision Making

Public Records

Public records simplified, scored, sorted, and organized into easy to read real time reports.

Web Extraction

Proprietary web crawlers isolate web data creating a character profile for potential jurors.

Targeted Demographics

Deep jury analysis with demographic insight.

Risk Mitigation Analysis

Identify risk factors (including biases and credibility) that could influence potential jurors.

Commercial Data

Aggregated big data is distilled and refined into actionable data in minutes before voir dire.

Government Records

Direct access to court and criminal records, allowing for quick search and retrieval of critical information.

Create Your Winning EDGE

Powerful witness management with better information, better conclusions and better deployment to help win the case.